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OXO - Biodegradable Plastic

What is OXO - Biodegradable Plastic?
A OXO - Biodegradable Plastic is such that degrades when exposed to micro organisms,
heat and sunlight.

What makes the bag OXO - Biodegradable?
A OXO - Biodegradable Plastic bag is made from normal polyethylene
product-the same as most bags-but is also contains newly invented

How does it work?
Biodegradable additives when mixed with compatible plastic raw material LLDPE / LDPE,
Will cause the plastic to photo, thermal and chemically degrade as litter in anaerobic and aerobic facilities.
These plastics will progressively degrade to lower and lower molecular weights As a result of which they become brittle, fragmented until appoint in time they are digested by the micro organisms back to the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and the biomass.
Certifications :

Our Product is tested and approved by the following authorities.

• Central institute of Plastics Engineering and
   Technology (C.I.P.E.T ) Chennai

• National Toxicology Center

• Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

• Pune Municipal Corporation

Plastic Bags Manufacturer OXO - Biodegradable Plastic Bags Plastic Bags

Hotels & Hospitals are places where maximum waste is generated. This waste needs to be disposed of in a very systematic manner, but while serving the society, this Customer Service Industry uses Virgin / Recycled Poly Bags as they serve them well due to their versatile properties of being light, cheep, non-tearing and waterproof. But it is increasingly being realized that the use of these long-lasting polymers for short-lived applications is entirely unjustified, especially when increased concem exists about the preservation of living systems. Millions of poly bags, with a use life ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, are thrown away to choke sewer lines, clog drains and cause infertility of soil. They cause food contamination and animal deaths. This is where OXO - Biodegradable Plastic can play a major role in serving all its purpose and at the same time is not hazardous or harmful to nature.

Our company provides Biodegradable polythene having all the advantages of normal plastic, Our product while serving the purpose of plastic when exposed to sunlight or when kept in natural decaying conditions degrades in a stipulated period

In places like Nurseries or Forests where Plastic is used for cultivation and other purpose, this plastic after serving it’s purposes, this plastic after serving it’s purpose causes a great harm to the natural environment; In such cases OXO - Biodegradable Plastic is a veru Useful and affordable replacement.


OXO - Biodegradable Plastic approved by :

• Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (MPCB)
• Pimpri – Chinchwad Municipal City Corporation (PCMC)
• Kalyan-Dombivali Muncipal City Corporation (KDMC)
• Pune City Muncipal Corporation (PMC)

Features Benefits

• 100% OXO - Biodegradable

• Non-toxic plants and animals
• Dump areas can be reduced to half
• Reduced Odours and improved aesthetics and

• Available in various customized size

• Suitable to various grades of Hotels

• Impressive Selection with eye catching multi colors

• Easy Identification

• Burns like Paper

• Less Energy is required for Incineration
• Non toxic air emissions
• Environment stays clean & Green

• Thickness, more than 40 Microns

• Compliance with government regulations

• Tested For Toxicity as per USP –24 & IS 9845/98

• Safe for food packaging

• Short Life Cycle

• Increased Guest Satisfaction
• Improved Community relations


Our product has been tested to be Degradable and food grade by The following authorities as per American society
For Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards :

  1. Central Institute of plastic Engineering & Technology
  2. C.I.P.T., Chennai
  3. Isa-Impex, Banglore
  4. B.T.R.A., Mumbai
  5. Intox, Pune

ASTM-D-5208-01 (lsa Impex. Banglore)
ASTM-G21-96 (BTRA Mumbai)
ASTM-D-6002-96 (BTRA Mumbai)
STM-D-5338-98 (BTRA Mumbai)
ASTM-D-5525-94 (BTRA Mumbai)
ASTM-D-5526-04 (BTRA Mumbai)
USP USPXXIV (Intox Pune)


Core Areas Of Usage :
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Forests / Nurseries – Plantations

Since the above mentioned sources Generate Maximum plastic waste

Advantages :
• Keeps the Environment Clean

• Has all the characteristics of normal plastic without Its harmful effects on Environment.

• Saves Manpower as Segrigation of Waste from Plastic is Not Required.

• Burns like Paper and Leaves ash as residue


In order to Safeguard the Environment and Ensure the Authenticity of the Product Balson Industries has Taken the following Steps :

• ISO Registration
• Approval of Pollution Control Board
• Approval of Municipal Corporation
• Guidelines from the Forest Ministry
• Guidelines from the Environment Ministry

Following are the sole Authorised Distributors
For Balson Industries In The Regional Areas

• Venkateshwara Bio Bags
• Om Arts in Pune
• Arvs Equipements Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi
• Eco Life in Tamil Nadu
• Shree Ortho Tools in Maharashtra

OXO - Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Preserves freshness for a longer time.....

KEEP FRESH BAGS Keep Vegetables and Fruits fresh for longer period. These bags contain unique Patented Active Agent (PAA). PAA destroys ethylene and slows down the rotting process, ensuring prolonged life, intact nutritional values and original taste of the commodities stored in them. KEEP FRESH BAGS leaves no harmful residue and are human safe.

Perishables such as Vegetables & Fruits generate Ethylene during ripening process. Presence of ethylene around them accelerates ripening, further leading into rotting of these commodities, with loss in their nutritional value, taste and spoilage

• Avoids spoilage and food wastage
• Maintains nutritional values and taste
• Prevents molds fungi and bacteria
• No harmful residue
• Reuseable multiple times
• Offers great saving
• Slows down natural aging
• Better for environment
• Promotes healthy eating

OXO - Biodegradable Plastics
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We are Manufacturer, Supplier of OXO - Biodegradable Plastic Bags and our setup is situated at Hinjewadi Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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